Plastisol WTP - Block Grey

Plastisol WTP - Block Grey

What The Plast! WTP! Block Grey is a grey barrier plastisol ink that blocks dye migration. It allows to print on difficult polyester garments by avoiding the dye migration that can occur even days after. 

  • Low cure ink: 130ºC.
  • Prevents dye migration when used as a base.
  • Grey instead of black: less white needed on top.
  • Available in 1Kg and 5Kg containers.
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Why do I need a barrier plastisol?

Yes, we know. Our What The Plast! plastisol ink cures at just 130ºC. Most polyester garments "activate" their dye when heated at higher temperatures so by using our WTP! inks you're not just saving in energy but preventing the dye migration. Nevertheless, there are some extremely difficult polyester garments that migrate even days after the print. Or you could be printing on expensive sports garments. In all these situations you must stop completely the dye migration by using a barrier ink. 

Why grey instead of black?

Our WTP! Block Grey prevents dye migration thanks to its formulation. The lighter color will help you with top colours: you will need less white (or any other color) opacity to print on top on a grey color than on a black one. 

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